Baroque violas

after Gasparo da Salo 1580

Gasparo da Salo violas are still considered being the best ones, and many important soloists have chosen them. This model is the smallest one Lu-Mi is making.

String length: 353 mm
Corpus length: 392.25 mm
Corpus width: Up 195.5 mm / Mid 131 mm / Low 243.3 mm

after Antonius Stradivarius

This model has been often copied. The model and size is good option as an all around instrument to play earlier and later repertoire.

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String length: 373 mm
Corpus length: 406 mm
Corpus width: Up 190 mm / Mid 130 mm / Low 243 mm

after Gasparo da Sálo 1580, large model

This model is scaled up from the smaller model.

String length: 378 mm
Corpus length: 420 mm
Corpus width: Up 210 mm / Mid 145 mm / Low 260 mm

Tenor Viola after da Sálo

The tenor viola is not one of the biggest ones and it is still very playable. The neck is short to modern standards and it gives a string length of 38 cm. But because of the short neck higher positions feel to be in a bit different place. Tenor violas are ideal especially for earlier repertoire, and such instruments were commonly used in 17th Century.

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String length: 380 mm
Corpus length: 440 mm
Corpus width: Up 213 mm / Mid 140 mm / Low 254.8 mm