Violone in A after Richard Meares ca. 1660

This especial model is scaled up from the Meares 6 string bass viol. It could be used in all gut D tuning as a consort bass. It is an ideal instrument for 8 ft bass lines. Gibbons wrote 14 pieces where you'll need a "dooble bass". This is the instrument for those pieces.

String length: 800 mm
Corpus length: 783 mm
Corpus width: Up 365 mm / Mid 263 mm / Low 433 mm

Violone in G after Ernst Busch ca. 1640

The model is ideal in G tuning. It fits well also for rapid passages, since the string is only 89 cm long. The corpus is too small to use the low D tuning.

String length: 890 mm
Corpus length: 1540 mm
Corpus width: Up 440 mm / Mid 300 mm / Low 505 mm