Baroque cellos

after Antonius Stradivarius "Davidov" 1712

Strad's B model is perhaps the most successful of all cello models and has been copied more than any other cello model.

String length: 690 mm
Corpus length: 757 mm
Corpus width: Up 340 mm / Mid 232 mm / Low 436 mm

after Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty"

Venetian makers made wider cellos. They usually give fuller bass sound than Strad's B model. However a wide model can be a bit difficult to hold for shorter players.

String length: 690 mm
Corpus length: 741 mm
Corpus width: Up 361 mm / Mid 261 mm / Low 445.5 mm

5 String Cello after Antonio and Girolamo Amati

This model was originally made to be a 5 string instrument. It is ideal to give sweet tone for the top e-string, but the width of the corpus is wide enough to give a proper bass register too.

String length: 650 mm
Corpus length: 708 mm
Corpus width: Up 357 mm / Mid 235 mm / Low 429 mm

after Antonius Stradivarius 1701

This model could be used as a bass violin tuned in C or Bb. All gut strings are playing reasonable well and for sure plain gut G is easy to play with such a large instrument.

String length: 710 mm
Corpus length: 785 mm
Corpus width: Up 361 mm / Mid 245 mm / Low 464 mm